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[S1E6] Like Father Like Daughter !!LINK!!

During one of her regular sessions with Ms. Cappriotti, Syd tells her she saw someone following her and then disappeared. Ms. Cappriotti asks her if the man she thought she saw was anything like her father. Syd tells her that her father is dead, but Ms. Cappriotti says she thought she saw her grandmother for months even after she had passed. She says they are called grief hallucinations, and they most likely mean that Syd is still grieving and maybe needs something from his father, like closure.

[S1E6] Like Father Like Daughter

At school the next day, Ginny struggles to concentrate and ends up being taken home by Hunter. As she leaves, Maxine approaches Sophie and apologizes for Halloween, admitting outright that she really likes her. They patch up their differences and agree to try again.

Malcolm Gladwell: In Glassboro, New Jersey, a little community half an hour south of Philadelphia, there's a statue right by the road as you drive into town. It's of a man named Henry Rowan; he liked to be called Hank. Whenever Hank Rowan came to Glassboro, he was mobbed like a rock star which probably embarrassed him because he wasn't given to those kinds of displays. When Hank Rowan died in December of 2015, there was a huge memorial service. Then in the evening, students from the local college gathered around his statue holding candles and sang for him as earnestly as only college kids can.

MG: That's Rowan's daughter, Ginny Smith. She now runs the company her father started in 1953, it's called Inductotherm. It's right off the New Jersey Turnpike. They make industrial furnaces from melting metal.

GS: He started the company, basically, in our garage and then, he sold his first job to the Mint, which was kind of fun, and then the second job to GE and, and the furnaces just got bigger and bigger and now some of them are 50 ton, uh, they're just huge. And kept branching out and acquired some companies and it kind of, it grew like topsy, but he worked very, very hard at it and hired good people.

MG: Sally's argument goes like this. A soccer team has 11 players on the field at any one time. Suppose one is a superstar and your worst player is maybe only 45% as good as the superstar. Because soccer is a sport where everyone on the field depends on everyone else, that 45% player can make one mistake and completely negate the skill of the best player.

DS: That's right and because of the nature of soccer, the, that, these 8 beautiful passes may have only increased your likelihood of victory by a small percent but then it goes right back to zero because somebody turns the ball over.

Here's another example. One of the great puzzles of the industrial revolution is why it began in England. Why not France or Germany? One theory is that Britain was lucky enough to have more geniuses than anyone else, like James Watt who invents the steam engine. But there's an economist named Joel Mokyr who makes a really compelling argument that England's advantage is that it had way more craftsman and skilled engineers and experienced and mechanically minded backyard tinkerers than anyone else. Those were the people who are able to take those inventions and perfect them and make them useful. Mokyr is saying that the industrial revolution was a weak link phenomenon, not a strong link phenomenon. And because Britain had more craftsman than France or Germany, that gave Britain a huge advantage.

Student: So we got some, like, aircraft grade aluminum, we have a two-axis water jet cutter that can cut out profiles and we designed a part that's bolted together. That way, um, it's, it's nice and strong, and they're graded bolt, but if it does break, you can replace individual pieces without having to make a whole new assembly.

MG: Not long before we talked, I took a walk across the Stanford campus and it's like entering a shrine to higher education. Everything is gleaming, gorgeous, groomed, green, that's all Hennessy's work; he has transformed the school, doubled the endowment from 11 to $22 billion, made it into maybe the greatest university in the world.

MG: Hennessy decided he wanted to start a graduate program, kind of like the Rhodes scholarship. Every year, it would bring 100 of the brightest, most accomplished college grads from around the world to Stanford and let them apply their minds to the problems of the world. He goes to his deans, then his trustees. Everyone loves the idea.

Laenor doesn't seem to mind, as he's preoccupied with his new horseplay-twink Ser Qarl Correy, and with being a hilariously lousy husband when Queen Alicent requests (read: demands) to see Rhaenyra's newest kid moments after he's born. "Was it ... terribly painful?" Laenor asks of the birth, which in his mind likely counts as empathy. (Actor John MacMillan is having a ball as the vain, feckless Laenor, who isn't the kind of character who tends to hang around long in brutal Westeros; enjoy this performance while you can, because I sure am.)

Adult Alicent is one shaaaaady queen, greeting Rhaenyra with feigned surprise to see her, then calling everyone's attention to Laenor's decision to name the kid Joffrey (after his pummeled-into-puree first love, the Knight of Kisses) and finally remarking to Laenor that if he keeps trying, he'll eventually get a kid who looks like him. I know drag queens who couldn't work in three such sick burns in so short a time.

In a window that looks a lot like the one that, in 300 years' time, King Tommen would tossen himself from, and the one that Queen Cersei would often gaze out while cradling a goblet of wine, we find young Aegon, pleasuring himself. Different strokes.

Later, at a lavish dinner, the Prince of Pentos offers to let Daemon, Laena and their twin daughters Baela and Rhaena live in the mansion they're now visiting in exchange for defending Pentos with their dragons, should the Triarchy seek to conquer it. (He mentions that the Triarchy have joined with Dorne, the southernmost of the Seven Kingdoms; this will likely become important later.)

A frustrated Alicent arrives late to her regular dinner with Ser Larys Strong, who seems to have moved up in the world, and made a position for himself as the Queen's unofficial spymaster, gathering intel on friend and foe alike.

Down in the dragon pit, Jace is trying to command his dragon but struggling a bit. The dragon tamer does his best to explain to Jace how he must believe his control over the dragon, like his slightly older uncle, Aegon.

Over in Pentos, Laena is comforting her daughter, Rhaena, since her dragon egg never hatched, and her father is not around for much help. Laena then goes to talk with her husband on the roof of their Pentosi residence.

The doctors at New Amsterdam prepare for their annual fundraising gala. Iggy's parents are in town and his daughter is excited to see them. Vijay tries to give his gala tickets to Dora, but she misunderstands and believes he is inviting her to go with him. Dr. Fulton preps Max for the gala and reiterates the importance of raising money for the hospital. Dr. Reynolds treats a Rikers inmate who claims that the guards are drugging them. Lauren, Vijay, and Helen treat a father and son who begin displaying strange symptoms and later both the father and son have seizures. Georgia surprises Max and attends the gala and manages to secure donations. At the end of the night Max reveals his cancer diagnosis to her.

Kapoor goes to the café and tells Ella that he has two tickets to the Hospital Fundraiser, before he can say anything else, she takes a ticket from him saying it would be really nice and will meet him in the lobby. Meanwhile, Dr. Bloom and Casey are brought in two car crash patients, Lauren telling Casey it looks like he is going to have as much fun as she is tonight.

Magnus and Martha Nielson, 2019, children of Ulrich and Katharina, siblings of Mikkel. High school students. Franziska Doppler, 2019, daughter of Peter and Charlotte. High school student. Aleksander Tiedemann, 1986 and 2019, husband of Regina, father of Bartosz, son-in-law of Claudia. Director of Nuclear Power Plant in 2019. Bartosz Tiedemann, 2019. Son of Regina and Aleksander. High school student, aspiring drug dealer.

Hopefully, this is where the new minimum standard will be set and this extremely promising new show won't descend into disappointing plots and lazy writing like the other live-action shows in this particular sci-fi franchise on Paramount Plus (opens in new tab).

In King's Landing, Rhaenyra gives birth to her third son. Alicent orders the child brought to her and Rhaenyra decides to meet this power move in person, assisted by Laenor. Viserys coos over his grandson while Alicent comments that Rhaenyra's children don't look anything like Laenor. They do, however, look like Ser Harwin Strong, now Commander of the City Watch and frequently in the princess's company. In private, Alicent seethes at the indecency to Ser Criston, who is still a knight of the Kingsguard, but Viserys will have none of those rumors.

Dr. Peter Chalmers, an orthopedic expert at University of Utah Health, told Cold it would have been very unlikely for a low-speed, rear-end car crash to cause a rotator cuff tear like the Josh Powell shoulder injury.

Joel awakens in the morning to find Ellie keeping guard, having taken over when she woke up to find him asleep. Joel scolds her for not waking him up, but Ellie retorts she did everything necessary for keeping watch before giving him back his gun. They continue trekking through the snow, crossing a bridge over what they assume is the "River of Death". At first, their journey continues uninterrupted as they encounter no dangers. As they trek along the riverbank, Ellie tries to learn how to whistle like Joel, to no avail, and asks that he teach her how to hunt at some point. They come across a hydroelectric dam, which Joel explains is how people used to get electricity. As they continue however, Ellie questions if the "River of Death" was referring to the location near the dam. They are soon interrupted by a party of armed survivors on horseback, who demand they drop their weapons. As their leader looks on, one of the men asks if they have been near any infected, before sending a dog to check for any signs of infection. The dog ignores Joel, but it is then sent to inspect Ellie. Joel finds himself overcome with terror at the prospect of Ellie getting shot, but thankfully the dog seems more interested in playing with her. Having confirmed they are not infected, Joel explains he is looking for his brother; hearing this, the leader of the group suddenly steps forward and asks for his name. 041b061a72


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