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Watermark Software For Mac Free

BatchPhoto is a watermark app for Mac designed with batch processing capabilities. The app is powerful enough to handle dozens or hundreds of images at once, but this is not its only strong point. In addition, the program is also quite easy to use thanks to its three-step wizard design. All you have to do is add your pictures, make the necessary edits and select the output format and folder. Then the app will automatically apply all your edits to the entire batch of photos.

Watermark Software For Mac Free

With BatchPhoto you can add both text and logo marks and gain complete control over their appearance. The tool gives you total freedom to customize them by adjusting their placement, size and rotation, by changing the opacity or by choosing from a wide range of font styles and colors. The app provides a live preview option, which allows you to see in real time the adjustments made.

PhotoMarks is an efficient solution to batch watermark images on Mac. The app comes with a clean and clear interface that makes the entire process fast and easy. Just drag and drop your photos, apply the desired edits and select the format and where you want your new pictures to be saved.

As far as watermarking goes, PhotoMarks lets you insert text and logo marks which you can completely customize. This means you get to select the preferred position, resize it or rotate it to a certain degree, apply a tile mode, adjust the transparency, choose from various fonts and colors or apply special effects like stroke, shadow and bounding box. In the same session you can also batch rename, resize, rotate or convert your photos, as well as decorate them with graphical frames.

PhotoBulk is an easy-to-use photo watermark software for Mac. The app comes with a modern and intuitive design, with real-time preview and with all the main functions located on the left side of the interface. Speaking of the main functions, this Mac app allows you to a perform a couple of operations such as watermarking, resizing, optimizing or converting photos in bulk.

As far as watermarking is concerned, PhotoBulk places at your disposal various types to select from: text, logo, script or perhaps date stamp. No matter what you end up choosing, you can make diverse adjustments to your marks to match your individual style. Truly useful is the fact that you can save your commonly-used settings as presets and just load them in future projects to be more efficient.

Watermark Plus provides the opportunity to batch watermark photos in various ways. You can resort to a copyright text, a logo, EXIF data, as well as add script watermarks by covering your pictures with text tags. The app offers 17 built-in watermark profiles to choose from, and also allows you to save your frequently-used settings and reuse them later.

Mass Watermark is designed to ensure a quick and efficient protection of your images. The app lets you add an existing text or logo watermark to an entire folder of photos, but it also comes with an in-built watermark designer to help you design from scratch your own mark. There are options to add text and logo marks to your pictures and customize them with regard to various parameters.

uMark lets you customize your watermark as you please. In that sense you can place them exactly where you want, rotate and scale them, repeat them horizontally or vertically across the photo, select from a wide range of fonts, styles and colors, adjust the transparency level or add shadows for an artistic effect. To improve your workflow, the tool enables you to save your commonly-used marks and simply retrieve them later.

When it comes to watermarking, Sizerox enables you to add both text and logo marks to your pics. You can control their placement and size, set the transparency and select the desired font type, size and color. Other available features include options to rename, resize, crop or rotate images in bulk.

Nowadays we upload a lot of images to the different platforms all over the Internet. And very often, scrolling through the bunch of pictures on the Internet, we can see photos with some prints called watermarks on them. Why do people create watermark on the photos? The reality is the following, that once a photo is published it is used by everyone and their dog. At the same time, no one asks the author of this very image for the permission and, moreover, does not pay for it. All these actions violate copyrights that are protected by the applicable laws. That is why, if the question of your right protection is of a great concern to you, the idea of placing a watermark on your photos would be appealing to you. As you may know, one of the best ways to protect your digital images is by watermarking them. So what is watermarking? And how to watermark photos?

When you watermark photos, you simply put on the image a logo, a signature, a text or a stamp thus preventing others from using them without your permission. In other words, the image is being copyrighted and no one can copy it or use it without the permission of the owner.

Watermarking is a rather easy thing and thanks to the great variety of watermarking software for Mac it can be done within a couple of minutes. We have gathered our top watermark apps for Mac that can help you to protect your images.

WaterMarquee is another watermarking software Mac users would find rather useful. It is extremely easy to use. The app allows applying text or logo watermarks, selecting watermark templates, choose the color, font, specify the location of your stamp, the degree of transparency, size, etc. The app can work with multiple images at the same time that can dramatically save your time as the settings will be applied to all images automatically.

PhotoMarks is one more watermark software for Mac that supports bulk watermarking. The app offers two kinds of watermarks that can be applied separately or together and customize them by choosing, color, font, position, etc. Besides watermarking, PhotoMarks also offers auto rotation, graphical frames, and resizing. The app has a user-friendly interface and the newbies in the sphere of watermarking will definitely appreciate it and the tutorial that can guide them through every option.

With CF/X Watermark PRO you can apply a text, a logo, a map or even a QR-code as a watermark to the image. The app allows configuring each of the watermarks individually. Rather simple and easy to use app that also offers resizing and renaming features. CF/X Watermark PRO is a free watermark software for Mac. However, some of the features require in-app purchases.

uMark lets you add watermarks, customize them according to your taste, place them wherever you want to, apply borders and add shadows and even more. The app supports the feature of saving watermark settings in order to simplify the usage. Even more, uMark supports preview feature that can be rather handy if you want to be sure that a watermark is at its right place. In addition, users can create watermark presets in order to use them again and again.

With the help of this watermarking Mac solution, you can add text and image watermarks in several clicks to a whole bunch of imported images, resize and rename several images at a time. Watermark Plus has a very simple and intuitive interface and supports work with layers for imposing several types of watermarks. By the way, the app initially contains a considerable number of customizable templates in different combinations (text, text + image, script, and so on).

Visual Watermark is an excellent watermark software for Mac that is designed for batch processing of photos, where the emphasis is made on fine-tuning of a watermark and its location. There are two main templates: a logo and a logo with a signature that you can adjust according to your need. The app offers a large set of built-in effects for the logo and fonts for the text and many more. Select the transparency, angle, size of the watermark etc.

This is an easy-to-use watermark app for Mac that allows you to overlay graphically or text watermarks as well as various effects on digital photos and images. It can be used to process a large number of images since the app supports batch mode. Change the settings of the watermark, such as transparency, position, angle, size, and a number of other parameters. It is also worth mentioning that, TSR Watermark Image supports WordPress integration that can be rather handy.

PhotoMarks is a watermarker software that works across desktop operating systems (both Windows and Mac) and also on portable devices, (iOS only) which means you can use it on images whenever and wherever you are. This watermark tool can be used to layer multiple lines of text over pictures and add text effects like stroke or shadow, making it ideal for photographers and other creators.

A key feature that comes from Watermark Software is its ability to add a QR code as a watermark. For users in commercial work, this is essential for directing customers to company websites. You can also watermark using the metadata from the image to include EXIF settings. Watermark Software is also available as a separate program called Video Watermark for adding watermarks for movies and each is available for free and for purchase.

If you need to add text or graphics to your digital images then Alamoon offers itself both as a free photo watermark software and as a paid-for version. Users that prefer to opt for a logo rather than a simple text watermark can upload and edit their design placement before exporting to multiple major file formats.

An all-in-one software to add a watermark to digital images, Mass Watermark can also resize, add EXIF data, and optimize photos for web use all at the same time. It even has a batch processing function which can process hundreds of photos in a minute. There are even some basic retouching editing tools to perfect images before publishing.

A little more slick in design than many others in this round-up, Motionbox can be used as a free photo editing software to add a watermark but can also apply automatic subtitle captions to video content. There are plenty of templates and themes to work with for users that want to match their brand or content style.


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