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[S3E9] Twice

After the Admiralty convenes, it is decided that The Orville and Admiral Halsey (Victor Garber) should attempt to meet with the Kaylon to discuss a ceasefire, since the race of artificial beings will have no choice but to agree to their terms. When The Orville arrives at Kaylon 1, they must use the weapon twice in a massive display of destructive power before the Kaylon agree to meet, and eventually, agree to the terms of a treaty.

[S3E9] Twice

Darren Franich of Entertainment Weekly wrote, "The show still runs into problems when the characters talk too character is basically a walking Meatbag waiting to be chomped or sliced...Walking Dead reminds you of Battlestar Galactica, and it doesn't benefit from the comparison: While the characters on BSG decided to keep moving forward, the characters on Walking Dead appear stuck in their tracks, reliving the same traumas over and over. Will Andrea fall for next season's villain, too?...Lori was not a good character. The show killed her off: That was wise. The show has now brought her back in ghost form twice: That is not wise."[5]

With the infamous Maurice Becker back in town, Jake Doyle must get to the bottom of Maurice's fabrications before he disappears again; a Quebec cop makes Leslie think twice about her single status; Des attempts to rebound after his break-up with Chandra.

Carrie and Aidan didn't just break up once on Sex and the City, they broke up twice after meeting in season 3. While Carrie was known for her on-and-off relationship with Mr. Big, Aidan Shaw was the next big love in her life. After meeting him at a furniture show, they took their relationship slow, which Carrie wasn't used to. Aidan wanted to build a friendship with Carrie before taking their bond to the next level. In the end, Carrie fell in love with him for the care he put into their relationship.

I want to preface. With the fact that i completely agree with the statement that you had mentioned before in which you and your girlfriends had observed that a lot of your caucasian male friends are dating the entire spectrum of female asian female attractiveness now. I can say that. I have dated the spectrum also of caucasian. My both my caucasian friends and my asian friends would be like dude like wow. She's like twice year like horizontal size and definitely not attractive. You what would you do. It was like home. I don't know. I i just shrugged and it was just different. I there was no reason as to why i shouldn't try. Obviously a lot of asian runs. You are asia. And i think one of the things i've heard from them is that when the guy with yellow fever. It's not. They're trying to defeat them as a person but just because they're asian or into them. Yes so that's the part that i think loses some girls because it makes you just feel like an object to pose to like a person would goes back to fetishism and exoticism that modern society is trade on both agents and caucasians. Well i i feel like some for example my ex-boyfriend i hope he listens to this. Because i've tried to explain this him he never understood. Amerson those cutouts where someone's body and it's like insert face here and then you put your face there and then you take a picture. That's how i felt in that relationship. Because i felt like it was just as long. You have an asian face. You fit into this cutout. What are your thoughts about that. Damn to be fair. I have noticed that. I am a bit more allowing of we say less attractive ladies if they happen to be asian like something about being asian seems to mitigate a loss of like a slight dip and attractive. That is so i don't know i mean so. I guess that kind of gets into like what do i like about asian ladies. Let's go for okay. Physically generally speaking. You'll have great hair. Great skin y'all right california right. You'll have great hair. Great skin intend to be slim right. So there's like this baseline of attractiveness from that and also chen to have good values like the ten value education. They tend to be smart. They tend to work hard. Because they're all traits. That i look for eric. I think that a lot of what he said is definitely has its validity. I tend to reflect that except the opposite rate to two caucasian women. There's some values that identify with that. Just so happened to be coincided with my much easier with there's right. There's a lot of asian values. Aaron asian collective societies. That don't typically go. Well with what how i was raised and what i've been exposed to. And how what. I perceived to be valuable and what about physically like us. More physically attracted caucasian women Yes yeah i'd i'd have to that. I think i'm going to have to go back. To the fact that in the same way that asian women were fetishizes sized and and pretty much portrayed in media as something that's different right in the same manner. Caucasian girls can definitely. You could say the same about them right So you do think there is some influence in the media and society that made you kind of view caucasian. Very attract yeah. I've completely agree with that. A lot of it has to do with culture society and what we're typically exposed to show. They knew said. What is there any sample a value. Yeah independence not for the collective. So there's a stark difference between collective societies and non collective societies where you have western societies which are most definitely not collective right where they go back to say the american dream they kick you out of the house eighteen. You start working. He'd rather education and new fend off yourself literally in the agent society. Everything you do. Or i shouldn't say asian collective societies that does include latinos hispanics asians asian indians apec region. Whatever the collective would mean that everything you do is for the greater good of the family. Do you ever get made fun of by your asian friends. Absolute as being all the goddamn yeah definitely is that a is that a negative thing not as i actually just a fun fact. I had a coworker recently. Come to who. I didn't know very well. He's fairly new. Came up to me. And he said hey. I knew you weren't attracted to asians. As soon as i heard your voice. I go of really. I mean to answer your question. Does that sold me. Was that not necessarily because a lot of it defines who.

There's only one episode left in the season! I don't know what to expect. While Anne's borrowed pen resurfacing be enough to make Gilbert think twice? While Diana finally tell her parents she wants to go to college? Will Ka'kwet be reunited with her parents (in tragedy D= )? Will Miss Stacy suddenly receive a response from her friend at U of T? Will someone, anyone, save the day? Stay tuned!

RECAP: Mark King overseas the business with 2000 employees, he is a former sales representative and has played golf since he was a little kid. Mark golfs as much as he can and the best part of being a CEO, is you come and go whenever you want. Divorced twice, he has two daughters from his first marriage. Mark is going under cover because sales are down in the industry since the year 2000 and as the CEO he wants to know where he can improve to increase sales. Marl is going undercover as Al Bauer, a golfing enthusiast.

Real estate magnate Teal Beck (Terry Serpico) was another victim of the Season 2 finale. Kayce (Luke Grimes) found him on the toilet and shot him twice in the chest and once in the leg in order to make it look like a shootout.

Cory cheats on Topanga twice in Boy Meets World. The first time with Missy Robinson in Season 3, Episode 9, The Last Temptation of Cory, and the second time with Lauren in Season 5, Episode 14, Heartbreak Cory. While those are the only times Cory Matthews kisses another woman while committed to Topanga, he does flirt on other occasions.

Henri continues to weaken and move to the northeast, and even after making landfall twice in Rhode Island, breezy conditions remain with the threat of minor coastal flooding at high tide Sunday night.

It was poised to be the deciding move of the whole season, but it all came down to what happened on Monday night's live eviction episode of \"Celebrity Big Brother.\""},"_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"b1a2b7c084bd67bacc279feddae3d78e","aside":false,"text":"That's because the Power of Veto competition and eviction were both set to be played. All the scheming has already been done, and as we saw during Sunday's episode, Todrick Hall did a masterful job of blowing up Shanna Moakler's game in order to save his ally, Miesha Tate.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"927f650284506a3d9e572d2c1f3520d0","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:40878167-d0f6-45ff-81a0-5bc35ec6b70b","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20220214_6cce49085f9c413c99de36905266ccec","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"c69d66ee3bd6d63b0de6c3b2d373af52","aside":false,"text":"Todrick and Miesha have been very smartly eliminating all of the celebrities who know how to play this game. The only two left were Carson Kressley and Shanna. And Miesha has been gunning for Carson since her first HOH reign. So when he won HOH this week, her goose should have been cooked.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"0cb3333c04862b545d084746cbed2c70","aside":false,"text":"That's when Todrick went into manipulation mode, taking advantage of the fact that there was only one other person in the House who understands this game and how it works. Manipulating people who don't understand that you leave your integrity and honesty at the door is everything.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"707d75c86238d1818efb642201e383e0","aside":false,"text":"Granted, that's a choice to do that, but it's one that clearly Todrick and Miesha have made. They are here to win and seemingly at any cost. This week's cost was convincing Cynthia Bailey and Carson that Shanna has been playing them all season and was actually working both sides.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"f1b70b4af7896b0aa35943f2a1fe5d70","aside":false,"text":"There was a kernel of enough truth in the words that Shanna couldn't defend herself enough for them to understand what she'd been doing, and that she had made her decision by the time she saved Carson from the Block last week.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"dfd329b2a41caaf2579ca73ddaecb494","aside":false,"text":"What's remarkable is how effectively Todrick and Miesha bamboozled both Cynthia and Carson into believing that they are playing with honor and integrity. If only they'd been able to see the conversations where Todrick and Miesha were already planning to take Carson out next, knowing that Lamar Odom, Todd Bridges and Cynthia were no threat at all.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"290668ed48174b812c2b04e00f025977","aside":false,"text":"As far as Todrick and Miesha are concerned, there are two people between them and the Final Two -- and with this master stroke, they've convinced Carson and Cynthia to turn on their only ally in the House, effectively giving them the game.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"65d47580f9420c315d8b0e99864f7ba8","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:40ac6e74-b142-4942-978a-fb0cbde42e33","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20220214_6173267d3b654ee8b76704ed25130e89","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:heading-block:1-0-0","etag":"e9b36ade7a681d19d9fe98c43376fdc5","aside":false,"text":"Can I Play?","size":3,"_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"99e2a9a5e99b45d1f42966c664284586","aside":false,"text":"Shanna knew it, too, so her only hope lie in Monday night's live Power of Veto. It was set up to be a dramatic showdown with effectively the entire House against Shanna. It was the most dramatic moment of the night ... and all it proved was that the show at least has some integrity.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"ebb294ce4ac4470dca1308e0510b765d","aside":false,"text":"If the show wasn't honest and truthful in how it picked players for the Veto competition, which is supposed to be by random draw, there is no way they would have selected Shanna to be the only person to not play in tonight's Veto competition. It was over before it even began.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"4ef78690f071736155003c7311de2ecd","aside":false,"text":"It didn't matter who won with Shanna sitting on the sidelines. Unless something unbelievable was happening behind the scenes, the whole evening was over the moment we saw her sitting there. She had no shot to save herself and no one else was going to do it.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"d9a7fe56ef6773f9a2b2c82eb0998995","aside":false,"text":"As a resume builder, Todrick pulled off his first competition win of the season, but then surprised Julie with his choice of what to do with it. Of course, he used it to put Shanna on the Block so she could get backdoored, but he didn't eliminate Miesha.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"cbec69779d53062f33c1600c7719fb12","aside":false,"text":"Conversations after the eviction confirmed our theory that Miesha was left up there so she could be sure and throw Shanna under the bus as this \"shady\" person one last time, reminding people they'd rather play with \"they devil they know\" than \"the devil they don't.\"","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"2d99d8af771fc4957dfb7d2317617cf7","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:a64dcdfa-dfa1-49f0-9949-20e922713c0b","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20220214_b4a80ca3761e47faa8c301b6c94a5c49","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"6c6509ac0fe4ac64c59bdffcebac2e3b","aside":false,"text":"Of course, Carson doesn't know Miesha wants to get him out next. She did, however, later agree to keep Carson and Cynthia save through one eviction, and with expendable Todd and Lamar floating around and no longer needed for anything, we see no reason why she wouldn't be able to honor that.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"c9a3bfa4ce11c5bd3baaa869defaaff4","aside":false,"text":"Not only was the night pretty much over when Shanna was sitting on the sideline, but the whole season is pretty much over. Todrick and Miesha will run away with the rest of the competitions. Their only threat is Carson, and they'll pick him off just as soon as they can. They'll sit in the Final Two.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"a2b11ba816bf7a7c652eef176189e26f","aside":false,"text":"It will definitely go down as one of the most dominant showings in any season of \"Big Brother,\" but there was that huge handicap that half of the people in the House had no idea how to play the game.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"c220be044186bb0fc6c16dc624909498","aside":false,"text":"Shanna didn't even bother to try and save herself after Miesha threw her under the bus in their Save-Me speeches. And after she left, Miesha twisted her parting words to Todrick to prove she was again trying to manipulate everyone, another slight twist on reality. She's already working the rest of the Houseguests, knowing she's about to send them all to Jury.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"a172a1cbce5689129acb43770ec44df9","aside":false,"text":"As for what Shanna told Todrick, you'll see it at the end of our \"House Chatter\" section.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"652ee5f9e4443348e985d68a7d70772a","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:9254c73a-5ac3-4dcf-9ce4-8a82a6f42485","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20210927_7d4a6dfb6e1341b88994989b78771713","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:heading-block:1-0-0","etag":"f0b1f528e62b668a8f1bc8205bbbb537","aside":false,"text":"Lamar Laments Loss","size":3,"_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"b98e94dee1f1492e0ae1998c7a11db69","aside":false,"text":"Aside from the tense gameplay, Lamar opened up again about ex-wife Khloe, with the Valentine's Day holiday clearly getting him nostalgic and again regretful over what he threw away through his actions during their marriage.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"6cab1be262a423f0d59018ad9bf0347f","aside":false,"text":"He reiterated that he would like to sit down with her for dinner so he could apologize for everything he did. But he also acknowledged taht she has the right to choose to never see him again. Lamar has talked about how he's grown outside of the House, and how the \"BB\" experience has changed him even more.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"1c6180df8dbd636a804ad0087cb03777","aside":false,"text":"Honestly, we can see that in his demeanor and the way he talks. He's not only owning up to his faults, but he's also allowing Khloe her full agency in whether or not to even give him the chance to talk.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"25bae0deef08aef394daaf3423c2a994","aside":false,"text":"Cynthia noted that she's learned the value of those things that are important and worth fighting for in the House, encouraging him to take that chance and reach out to her after the show. Lamar said that he was definitely going to try to do that.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"c5629146d1a245805fc0ab2c267fd8ea","aside":false,"text":"We've no idea if Khloe is watching, but we'd imagine someone among her people is keeping her clued in as to what's going on with Lamar, or at least has the information available if she wants it. In other words, she has the capacity to see that he certainly seems sincere, remorseful and more mature than when she was with him.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"dfabea13a40fb24d97c4ca6be4c6d912","aside":false,"text":"Of course, Khloe has gone through it again with Tristan Thompson, so she may just be burned out on the whole idea of anything. But if Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck can circle around and find each other after both did some growing, we can see why Cynthia is encouraging Lamar to not give up.","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:article-block:1-0-0","etag":"f2c0c41054e6c8c7b677ad20d7c56dc8","aside":false,"node_ref":"toofab:article:fe5a5440-ae36-4e89-b685-b70339cfb6b8","show_image":true,"image_ref":"toofab:image-asset:image_jpg_20220214_16caf3e7ad4547a68cdc1a34e64859f4","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:heading-block:1-0-0","etag":"a9493482e279a53b578a711c3c7fd096","aside":false,"text":"Houseguest Report Cards","size":3,"_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"38bbe4c61beb5adde8c5d8c4f274c577","aside":false,"text":"Miesha Tate (35) and Todrick Hall (36) have dominated this game from the beginning, and the fact they were able to take out their biggest strategic threat by having her own allies turn against her while they were in power is absolutely incredible. They're being unnecessarily ugly about how they're playing the game, but they've become an unstoppable duo with a masterful performance. Grade: A+","_schema":"pbj:toofab:canvas:block:text-block:1-0-0","etag":"fe46edf6afc9ae9bb95585141abbb14b","aside":false,"text":"Todd Bridges (56) and Lamar Odom (42) are completely expendable because no one is really gunning for Todrick and Miesha right now. But, they're also in Todrick and Miesha's pockets, so they'll probably outla


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