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Snoop Dogg Doggystyle Full Album Zip PORTABLE

Last summer, Snoop Dogg headlined the backpack-centric Rock the Bells tour, performing his classic debut album, Doggystyle, in full every night and drawing rapturous reviews. This year, Snoop will make a few stops on Charlie Sheen's continuous-trainwreck Violent Torpedo of Truth tour, performing a song that he and Sheen have apparently recorded together. That duality is pretty much circa-2011 Snoop in a nutshell. He's a rap legend, and he's also an unapologetically inane public figure, someone who's more famous for being famous than he is for rapping. He seems to enjoy both roles in equal measure. And so late-period Snoop albums become weird, uncentered artifacts, with no real idea or consistent personality pulling them all together. You get sweeping attempts at crossover hits, nasty street-rap throwbacks, and bizarre cross-genre collaborations that any self-aware A&R never would've allowed. And even though Snoop is nowhere near the commercial force he once was, he can still round up a fuckton of famous people whenever he decides to record an album. Not too many artists would bury their Kanye West collaborations on track 18 of their albums, but that's what Snoop does on Doggumentary, his latest reminder to the world that he's still an active musician.

Snoop Dogg Doggystyle Full Album Zip


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