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Elijah Bailey
Elijah Bailey

3840x2560 Windows 10 Desktop">

The most notable expansion in my eyes is a push into the monitor market. Huawei now sells two monitors: the MateView, a 28-inch HDR400 monitor at a 3:2 aspect ratio labeled as a 4K+ resolution (3840x2560), and the MateView GT, a 34-inch ultrawide monitor with a 3440x1440 resolution and 165 Hz refresh rate. Both monitors also feature an NFC coil in the base to use with Huawei Share, as well as an intuitive menu system to support wireless connectivity with any non-Huawei supporting device. The MateView displays were recently significantly discounted in the UK over September (400 after rebate), and unbeknownst to the Huawei PR team here, I purchased two.

3840x2560 Windows 10 Desktop">

Connecting the laptop to either the smartphone or the tablet works through Huawei Share directly. The tablet allows for screen duplicate, screen expansion, or using the tablet as a mouse for the laptop. Connecting the smartphone shows the smartphone screen on the laptop, so it can be controlled with a mouse/keyboard, as well as take calls and tether to take advantage of any data/Wi-Fi. The laptop control of the smartphone allows for multiple smartphone apps to be open in separate windows, including video playback on YouTube, for example, however any audio played on the smartphone is redirected to the laptop instead.

the issue is applications are not "DPI Aware" on my 15" retina i had an application that would report seemingly random resolutions in a guest vm. Windows is trying to compensate and does a crap job... your resolution is actually at 3840x2400 in windows but really 2880x1800 mac side on 15". I hate java so cant help you on eclipse but maybe this will point you in the right direction... anyway for windows development i add an "app manifest" and declare true problem solved. I know you can embed a manifest into a compiled file but being java based... doesn't seem like it will help. look over on there is alot on high dpi scaling issues.

Hi rnadendla, Had same problem. Resolved by doing a clean install of original operating system (in my case windows 7--no need to do online updates), then installing VMWare tools. Check that full resolutions are available at this stage. Then mount windows 10 iso in Fusion and your screen resolutions should all be available in Windows 10 once installed. If still not available, uninstall and reinstall WMWare tools in Windows 10--this should do the trick. In my case however I am unable to run Fusion 7.1.2 and Windows 10 in Unity on two 27" Apple thunderbolt monitors connected to mid 2012 Macbook Pro, so am unable to stretch to these monitors. Clearly there is a svga issue with Fusion 7, so Microsoft is correct to point out this incompatibility. I currently run windows 8.1 on this setup with no Unity issues. I'm hoping that an update to Fusion 7 will solve this issue, as currently the svga driver in Fusion 7.1.2 is not adequate to run my setup. Hope this helped.

As you can see, our entire desktop comes in with the background, our icons, and the window left outside on it. Also, if you move the mouse or windows, all actions are visible on the machine. So we get full remote control in the same desktop session. 041b061a72


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