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Questions and Concerns

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Elijah Bailey
Elijah Bailey


...I chose my victims by reading the News Groups. I would look for those punks that liked to talk sh*t, you know the ones that swore up and down that they could hack your account of fry your webtv unit but in reality they couldn't even access the home page. I would also target those lamers that thought they were cool cause they knew how to send a e-mail bomb that could power off your webtv box and thought they were king shit, lmao!


A few of us were standing around, watching him type, feeling giddy withanticipation and lack of sleep. He'd entered his name, address, and otherpersonal information, and was typing in his user name. This is the name usedas the e-mail address. He typed in "jazz", so his e-mail wouldbe "". When he hit "enter" on thewireless keyboard, we heard the "whoom" sound that meant an errordialog was coming up. All eyes turned to the screen. 041b061a72


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