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Buy Accordion Doors

Welcome to the Accordion Doors division of Specialty Doors & Hardware! Specialty Doors is the #1 Supplier of Woodfold Doors and Bloomming Room Dividers in the USA. Being #1 means that we are able to offer the widest selection of accordion doors and partitions at very reasonable prices.

buy accordion doors

We offer more accordion door, divider, partition and folding door options than any other company in our industry. Our wide product selection covers the simplest of closet accordion doors to the most complex of curved security doors for mall fronts.

The door comes with track, hardware, and installation instructions. Made of durable, maintenance-free vinyl panels that are scratch and UV-resistant. Ideal for closets, pantries, laundry rooms, and anywhere space might be an issue. The door height can be trimmed and has reversible handing for flexible installation options. You can use two of these doors to make a double door.

The Oakmont folding door is scratch and UV resistant and comes complete with track, hardware, and installation instructions. The door height can be trimmed and has reversible handing. Two Oakmont doors can be used to make a double door. Perfect for closets, entryways, and anywhere space is an issue.

The PVC/Vinyl Linen Accordion Door offers a flair of design and privacy to your room. The doors can be trimmed in height and offer reversible door handing. The doors can be installed as a double door by using 2 single doors.

The PVC/Vinyl White Accordion Door offers a flair of design and privacy to your room. The doors can be trimmed in height and offer reversible door handing. The doors can be installed as a double door by using 2 single doors.

The Spectrum Contempra Folding Door offers value and durability in a solid vinyl panel door with flexible vinyl hinges. This maintenance-free door fits openings from 24" to 36" wide by 80" high. It may be installed as a double door, using two single doors.

The Spectrum Elite vinyl accordion door fits openings up to 36" wide and 80" high and comes with track, hardware, and easy-to-follow installation instructions. The durable maintenance-free vinyl panels have a scratch and UV-resistant satin silver finish. Trims easily to any height and has reversible handing for flexible installation options. Two doors can be installed as a double door application. Doors are sold separately.

The Spectrum Horizon 32" W x 80" W Vinyl White Folding Door is made of decorative, durable plastic slats woven with matching binding cord. It fits openings 24" to 32" wide and comes ready to install with track and hardware included. Two Horizon doors can be installed side-by-side to create a double door for wider openings. Track, hardware, and easy installation instructions are included.

A complete line of custom-made accordion folding doors with appeal and durability for long-term performance. Accordion Doors can help define the space whether you need to divide a room into a more people-friendly area, free up floor space, eliminate confined doors, or help reduce distracting noise.

There is no better solution than a quality crafted, custom accordion door. Woodfold is continually developing and improving their folding door products to meet a wide variety of commercial, and residential needs.

With accordion doors and partitions from Modernfold, putting space to new use is as simple as drawing a curtain. Modernfold offers these products under the Modernfold Accordion Doors and Partitions Systems:

Soundmaster accordion partitions are ideal for applications in church classrooms, fellowship halls, clinics, restaurants and many other applications where moderate sound attenuation is desired. Behind its fabric outer covering, Soundmaster has steel paneled sound liners to provide acoustical performance of up to 40 STC, as well as increased durability. For added convenience, optional electric operation makes dividing large, even curved openings as easy as turning a key. Three-ply top and bottom sweeps assure a positive seal. Long term strength and durability is made possible by the system's patented, three-dimensional welded steel frame and heavy-duty construction.

Our namesake product, Modernfold, is the industry standard for quality accordion doors and partitions. It's the clear choice when strength and durability are important and only sight division is required. Modernfold partitions feature a durable steel frame construction, ball bearing trolleys and a wide choice of finish options. Even with all-steel frame and hinging, its weight requires only minimal support. In addition to simple, straight "wall-to-wall" runs, Modernfold accordion partitions can be curved or even serpentine to meet your exact needs.

Alumifold doors are made from single-piece, extruded aluminum body panels for extra strength, and use our exclusive hardware hinge system featuring rigid vinyl and steel rod construction. Choose from Bronze or Clear (silver) finishes, with color coordinated panel connectors.

LaCantina folding glass doors create a comfortable environment with natural light and open air, completely transforming spaces from the inside out. These doors combine the highest-quality rolling hardware with robust panel and frame designs for truly impressive openings.

An accordion door provides instant space division, with ease. It is suspended from an overhead track, and simply pulled across the opening and latched in position. Most schools, conference halls, and hotels are likely to use this type of door since some spaces may have to be partitioned for various activities.

Consider its use.Is it for your home or for your business? These doors are designed and manufactured for residential and commercial use. The commercial accordion door may come in bigger dimensions to fit hotels and conference venues. Commercial doors will also be designed for heavy-duty use. Meanwhile, the residential accordion door may come in dimensions fit for any home, with basic features.

Ask about the tracking system.Your accordion door supplier should take you through the features of the tracking system. Ideally, it will come with alignment channels and ceiling guards because these ensure that your accordion door will seal tightly and run smoothly. Also, the ceiling guard will prevent damage to your ceiling.

Aside from space division, think about other requirements for your accordion door.Finally, an accordion door can do more than just divide spaces. It could also offer privacy. With soundproofing features, the perfect doors could work extremely well, providing silence and peace for frequently used spaces with multiple events that occur at the same time.

Bifold sliding glass doors can add practical and aesthetic benefits to both commercial and residential spaces. On the commercial side, think of a hotel ballroom where a glass-paneled wall is pulled back to create a larger meeting space, or a restaurant that connects an indoor dining area with fresh air and patio seating by stacking the glass panels that separate them to one side.

Glass bifold doors can be used to elevate a multitude of residential spaces, from countertop servery windows that glide to one side to let you serve drinks to your guests to multi-panel glass door systems that open up an entire wall for access and fresh air. They can also serve as dividers for larger interior rooms, with opaque or translucent glass panels to help create visual privacy.

Bifold doors create a large, unobstructed opening. A folding door system offers a much larger opening than a swing door can. And, unless your sliding door system disappears into a wall pocket, the operational panels will all come to rest next to a fixed panel still in place at the far end. The glass panels in a bifold system, on the other hand, stack open neatly out of the way. (Typically, only multi slide systems can get big enough to create larger openings than folding systems.)

Bifold doors, even large systems, can be surprisingly energy efficient. LaCantina folding door systems offer a choice of energy-efficient glass packages for a variety of climates. Exceptional engineering means we can also add thermal breaks that help maintain comfortable temperatures inside homes located in more extreme climates. But the biggest difference in creating an energy-efficient bifold door system comes down to constructing it from a material best suited for that geographic area. For example, LaCantina offers bifold door systems in Aluminum, Aluminum Thermally Controlled, Aluminum Wood, Contemporary Clad, Wood, and Vinyl. Each one offers the right level of performance for a particular climate, from moderate to extreme.

Worried about bugs? We offer screen options that complement our bifold exterior patio doors. The screen is mounted inside, so you can open the bifold door system and then pull the screen shut. Select screens can include a blind option that adds privacy while the door system remains open.

Accordion Partitions Doors are the perfect choice for projects which require superior sound performance and space flexibility.Every accordion door is custom made to your specification, it is fit in any opening .If you have not found a solution that suits your interior, send us a photo of your concept, we are able to create any type of doors.Our company also performs door installations, the customer can choose whether he wants to buy only the door or doorwith installation service.examples of Accordion Door we make:Accordion door, wooden accordion door, custom accordion door, soundproof accordion door. INSERT Materials

Accordion doors are a type of door that slides open and closes along a track. They are often used in places where space is limited, such as; closets or pantries. Accordion doors are made of several panels that are connected by hinges. When the door is opened, the panels fold up against each other, similar to an accordion. Accordion doors are available in a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and PVC.They can also be customized with different finishes and hardware to match your décor. You might have questions about which size is best for you; please give us a call, and we will be happy to help at 041b061a72


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