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Pes 6 Settings Exe: Everything You Need to Know

use the above instructions to logout, and then log back in to start a new session. if you want to change the default settings in the user settings file, create a new settings.json file and edit the settings.json file from preferences: open settings (json) in the command palette. the settings.json file will be overwritten with the new settings.

pes 6 settings exe

we know that not all of our users are running the latest version of our plugin, and if you are, then we want to give you the best possible experience. this means that we have to be careful to make sure our internal builds work, and that they dont cause undue damage to your normal plugin version, which is why we were surprised to find out that some of our users were running the wrong internal build. it seems that the users base settings were being overwritten by our internal build, which was obviously something we did not want to happen. when we discovered this, we quickly updated our internal build with the latest version from the master branch and we had a beta build available again. we are happy to say that the correct internal build was set to be default in the user settings.

quote from the era17-9-2 manual (p2-23): controller settings: if you are using a controller, you will probably want to set the sensitivity to a value of 0,0. you can also choose if you want to set the pause mode to start or continue game.

as we mentioned in our last post (the switching post), we are switching to the latest version of the plugin. in this post, we want to share with you the new features in the plugin, the new settings that we have added and how you can use them.


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