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Ag3 Illusion Wizard 55

And then copy its save000.js3wrd file to where you have installed AG3, like for an example, "C:\illusion\AG3\data\save". (Btw, unused copies of this file, that I have renamed to like "save001.js3wrd", "save002.js3wrd", etc, are working as new "AG3 worlds" for me, so far, mates.)

Ag3 illusion wizard 55

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Sometime later, Zeref is found taking a bath in Western Forest near Magnolia by Mavis. He was surprised that someone would want to leave, noting it was a "bad habit" of his own, and unwillingly used his Magic, which robbed the forest of its life force, which Mavis quickly recognized as Ankhseram Black Magic. Zeref was surprised and commended Mavis' knowledge, and told her to not feel bad for him. Nevertheless, he felt joy about his conversation with the girl, but was also worried about himself unwittingly killing her, which he never wanted to do to anyone. Mavis then cast an illusion of wildlife, which initially startled Zeref, because of his lack of control over his powers, but after Mavis explained to him the nature of her Magic, he was happy at the notion and thanked her sincerely. After this, Zeref agreed to teach Mavis and her companions Magic (while keeping a safe distance much to Warrod's chagrin), having noted to Precht in particular that he had an affinity for several different kinds of Magic. After having taught them Magic, Zeref left to seclude himself once more, happy that he made friends.[30]

Later, Zeref arrives and asks Irene to stop the process of extraction briefly, expressing his wish to talk to Mavis for the last time. As Irene comments on foolishness of such decision, Zeref stands by his words regardless. It is before it turns out that it was all an illusion, as remarked by the real Zeref himself, explaining how Mavis is proficient at the usage of Illusion Magic. As such, Zeref orders Irene to pursue Mavis immediately, the latter gladly obliging.[88] After Makarov's casting of Fairy Law, Zeref asks Irene what the status of their troops are; he learns their numbers have been reduced by seventy to eighty percent. Zeref proceeds to praise Makarov for his use of the Magic that he taught to Mavis, and also learns that the Spriggan 12 were unaffected by the Fairy Magic.[89] Zeref goes back into the guildhall, where he sits afflicted by Larcade's Magic. Sensing that his troops are being affected by it as well, Zeref telepathically contacts Larcade and tells him to cease his actions at once.[90] A bit later, Zeref appears somber after he senses his son's defeat.[91]

I came to Wizard, Arcanist and Mesmerist, Wizard and Arcanist can learn all the spells thanks to their books so they have the versatility of having non enchantment or illusion spells for when such spells are not effective, While the Mesmerist can pick up Psychic Inception to make their mind affecting spells have a chance to affect creatures immune to mind affecting spells. Mesmerists are also charisma based so they can let me easily be a party face, Something I'v also wanted to try for a while..

I would look at the Psychic, it also has a strong enchantment illusion focus, some spells earlier than the sorcerer/wizard, amplifications that increase the DC saves and one that lets them affect undead without the Mesmerists fail chance. It can also be a good face either with student of philosophy or a charisma discipline, it gets all the face skills.

The biggest weakness would be that the Mesmerist suffers the most in situations where enchantment/illusion spells aren't that useful, needing to fall back on its tricks, the wizard and psychic spell list has better access to more general spells as well like haste and fly

Spontaneous casters have to be very careful of their spell selection or they can permanently screw up their character. But in play they are often a lot more flexible than a prepared caster. As long as I have a spell slot equal or greater to a known spell I can cast that spell. If your spell are fairly flexible and can be adapted to the situation you have a huge advantage. If your spells are too focused you lose a lot of power. Illusion and enchantments are incredibly flexible. With illusions often the real limit is the imagination of the player.

If you play sorcerer or psychic you would just need to make sure you have a mixture of enchantment/illusion and general spells. So for example at 3rd level you would have your choice of a mind altering spell and haste. It shouldn't be that hard if you start from the beginning and get use to your spells as you level. You will easily have enough options to not need to worry about mind immune enemies

Or shadow oracle. I took the deep one curse.Once you get shadow enchantment, spontaneous casting is very flexibel.The mix between cleric spell list, illusions and darkness spells are very good.

these would help your character move around and at the highest casting with Programmed Image, create an illusionary Dupe that can die for you if someone breaks into your room (generally pair it with the spell Alarm and the Programmed Image can be triggered with it going off)

As Strange noted that Kaecilius should have read the warnings of the spell, Wong burst out laughing before Strange completed his time spell and returned Hong Kong back to normal. Having witnessed Strange and the Ancient One's liberal use of magic to break their own rules, Karl Mordo told Strange that he had made his choice and left the Masters of the Mystic Arts, having become disillusioned by their questionable and dangerous use of their own magic.[1]

Prior to the battle, Strange removed the Time Stone from the Eye of Agamotto and hid both artifacts while creating a replica Eye to wear. Sitting down on a faraway hill alone, Strange saw Thanos and informed him that he had been brought face-to-face with a Master of the Mystic Arts. Thanos ignored the threat, simply asking Strange where he believed Ebony Maw had brought him. Strange guessed that Titan was his former home. Nodding wistfully in affirmation to Strange, Thanos stopped and began to reminisce. Thanos would use the Reality Stone to craft an illusion of Titan's former beauty to Strange.

Beginning to deduce that Maximoff knew more than she let on, he became disappointed. When Maximoff saw that Strange had figured it out, she told him that the Hex was easy but lying not so much. She then removed the illusion surrounding the field, revealing a barren desolate landscape. Strange then saw Maximoff's Scarlet Witch uniform and watched as she summoned the Darkhold. He recognised it and pondered what it had done to Maximoff, knowing its corrupting powers. Maximoff told him that it merely revealed the truth that her two children were alive and that she was planning on escaping to an alternate universe to be with them. Strange retorted that she had created her children and they weren't real.

After crash-landing in the ruined city of Babylon, the protagonist was hit by the falling pseudo-servant Ishtar, who angrily left the chaldeans to fend off against an army of Demonic Beasts. They received the help of a warrior presenting themselves as Enkidu,[102] who offered to guide them to Uruk. While making a detour to avoid beasts, they ran into Merlin and girl he called Ana, who revealed Enkidu was already dead. The pretender engaged in a one-way fight, but they were led away by Ana's attacks combined to Merlin's illusions, saving the chaldeans. Summoned by King Gilgamesh, Merlin revealed that he had been supporting Chaldea from his tower in Avalon and rooting for the protagonist as a being mostly condemned to passive observation. He also informed the chaldeans that humanity was under attack by the Three Goddesses Alliance.

Their mental fortitude can be considered to be a powerful ability in its own right as well, allowing them to break free of Aphrodite's mind control and the despair-inducing illusions of the Garden of Lost Will through sheer force of will, despite both of them being more than powerful enough to drive even Servants insane.

At one point in the game, Shadi created an illusion of Jonouchi with his old bully persona, having caught of a glimpse of it while visiting Yugi's soul room earlier. As the illusion mocked Yugi's emotional attachment to the Millennium Puzzle again, Yugi very briefly regained control of his body and wept. This caused two of the ushebti, used in the game, to break, having detected weakness in his heart.[23]


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