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EDIROL Hyper Canvas VSTi DXi V1.6.0 (TEAM AiR) 64 Bit

EDIROL Hyper Canvas VSTi DXi v1.6.0 (TEAM AiR) 64 bit

EDIROL Hyper Canvas is a virtual instrument that simulates a high-definition stereo multi-sampled GM2 compatible sound module. It was released in 2004 by EDIROL, a division of Roland Corporation, as a VST and DXi plugin for Windows. It features 256 GM2 sounds, 9 GM2 drum kits, ADR envelopes, resonant filter, portamento, reverb, chorus, and 16-part multi-timbrality with 128-note polyphony. It is designed to provide realistic and expressive sounds for various musical genres and applications.

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In 2006, a team of hackers known as TEAM AiR released a cracked version of EDIROL Hyper Canvas VSTi DXi v1.6.0 that could run on 64-bit systems. This version bypassed the copy protection and registration process of the original software, allowing users to install and use it without paying for a license. However, this also meant that the users could not receive any official updates or support from EDIROL or Roland. Moreover, the cracked version might contain viruses or malware that could harm the users' computers or compromise their privacy.

Therefore, it is not recommended to download or use the cracked version of EDIROL Hyper Canvas VSTi DXi v1.6.0 (TEAM AiR) 64 bit. Instead, users should purchase the original software from authorized dealers or online stores, or use alternative sound modules that are compatible with 64-bit systems. Some examples of such sound modules are [Roland Sound Canvas VA], [Plogue sforzando], and [VirtualMIDISynth]. These sound modules offer similar or better features and sound quality than EDIROL Hyper Canvas, and are more secure and stable.

EDIROL Hyper Canvas is a great sound module for creating music with a wide range of sounds and effects. However, users should be aware of the risks and disadvantages of using the cracked version of EDIROL Hyper Canvas VSTi DXi v1.6.0 (TEAM AiR) 64 bit, and opt for legal and safe alternatives instead.


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